Tis the Season Candy TinThis is my favorite candy tin for the holidays.  I keep cinnamon and anise candy in it at all times.   Anise candy relives coughing spells.  My Mom taught us this when we were kids.

This tin is 4 1/2 inches tall and 11 inches long.  Cream colored with Burgundy vinyl 651.  Vinyl 651 is permanent for 4-5 years.  This was cut on my Silhouette Design Edition and was a free download file from some of the talented ladies on blogs I follow.  You could cut this on your Cricut if you have an SVG file.

Snowball FightSNOWBALL FIGHT ANYONE?  This is for the indoors and has created lots of fun at our household.  From very young to very old everyone has a great time with this.   Wish we had these when I was a kid.   Oh! that’s right I’m still a kid!  The tin pails are one of kind as I purchased them last year and haven’t been able to find anymore with the cutout snowflakes in these colors.  Maybe next year they will come back.   They have 10 snowballs each made with soft stuffing and a little glitter.  The glitter is gone after one fight, but it is all over the house and worth it.

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Snowman Tea LightI have tried to locate Darleen Adams and didn’t find her blog anymore, so if anyone knows where her blog is, I would like to add a link.  She is the person responsible for this design.  I think it is the cutest and any child would love receiving this card.  I have created a Studio file for this, but haven’t figured out how to add this to the blog.  So if you would like the file, please leave your email address in the comment section and I will send to you.

In Wisconsin we are having rain now, but they say snow is on the way.  Nothing new for us Wisconsinites; in fact it is a time I look forward to.  Love the four seasons we get.  I’ve lived in a number of places, but Wisconsin weather suits me.  Always thought I would retire to Florida, but when I lived there I felt like I was living in a cave.  No one does anything outside and people keep the curtains closed all day.  I like my sunlight.  So Wisconsin it is for me and my dear husband.  He is the best and thank you honey for always supporting me in my projects.

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Silhouette Sights for Newbies

Silhouette Sights I have found helpful       Hello Everyone,  Hope you having a good day.  I have created a list of Silhouette Sights that I belong to; with that being said that does not mean you should go to other sites for questions.  The reason a Newbie sight was create was due to the same questions over and over again.  The girls and boys don’t mind solving problems, but first you need to read and watch videos.

Believe me it is well worth it; as there is more than one way of doing things.  A few computer you can copy and paste, but most can’t do that.  If you can copy and past then you would need to learn how to Snip-It.  Which I’ll explain later.  So browse these sites and read and I’ll be doing lesson on different topics soon.

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This is a question that plagues all newbies to Silhouette Design Edition.  So I’ll make this as easy as I can.


1.  Make a FOLDER on your DESKTOP named SIL DE FILES

A.)  Create SIL DE FILES

a.)  Right click on your desktop

b.)  Move down to NEW

c.)  Click on FOLDER

d.)  Name folder  SIL DE FILES (Move all files for Silhouette into here first.


a.)  Click on FILE upper left hand corner of Silhouette Design Edition

b.)  Move down and Click on IMPORT TO MY LIBRARY

c.)   Click on DESKTOP ICON

d.)   Click on the FOLDER SIL DE FILES

e.)   Under Files of Type:  Click ALL FILES:

f.)    Find the FONT you wish to import.

g.)   Double Click the FILE FOLDER of your font.

h.)   Click on the FONT

I.)    File name should be already entered for you

j.)    Enter Description box information you want

k.)   Enter Artist (this is import so you remember where it came from to give credit).

l.)    Category:   Pick the correct one

j.)    Click OK

C.)   Now you should be on your white mat.

a.)  Click the Bolded A, which is the 9th Icon from the left bottom side of your screen.

b.)  On the right side of screen your fonts appear.  Click on the font you want and click on

your white mat to start typing.  You might want to change the text size of your font before

start typing.

Your font will be loaded permanently once you restart your computer.

Hope this helps you and if you have questions just leave them in comment section.  If you find errors please leave in the comment section.

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Pails 001Pails 016Pails 014Pails 009Pails 011Pails 017Pails 018Pails 019I have been working very hard on Halloween Pails, Tumblers, and Tees.  It is a lot of fun making my pails, tumblers, and Tees.

My Hibiscus and Roses turned out fantastic thanks to my wonderful Husband.  Thanks Doug!  We moved last October and just planted them and the bloomed way more than we expected.  I thought I better get a picture before we get frost in Wisconsin.

Hope your day is great.

Remember never fly faster than your Angel can fly.